Our Partners

We are building an ecosystem for NCD prevention in the workplace setting. We realize the enormity of this task and realize that no one entity can do this alone. Therefore, we pledge to work with our many partners who have joined us in our efforts to create real, measurable change in the lives of working Indians. The Clinton Global Initiative gave us a global platform for this effort.

These partners include:

  • Public Health Foundation of India with whom we partner on the Healthy Workplace Award
  • The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for strategic collaboration to advance workplace health
  • Association of Environmental and Occupational Health Delhi (AEOHD) for strategic collaboration on Healthy Workplace program
  • The Cigna Foundation for sponsorship of Platinum Healthy Workplace project and for continued support of Assessments
  • Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces for collaborating on global Healthy Workplace award and accreditation opportunities
  • One Mind Work for collaboration on transforming mental health in the workplace
  • Librum for the development of pioneering mental health criteria in the workplace 
  • Aadit Life for collaborating on the lifestyle change program
  • iNFHRA for strategic collaboration
  • Global Association for Corporate Services (GACS) for strategic collaboration
  • Manah Wellness for collaboration in helping organizations tackle the challenge of mental health at the workplace